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Health Benefits

About Morningplum

About Morningplum

Employer Centric - Member Focused

Morningplum provides a foundation to self-funded employers to take full control over their health benefits. Using our technology enabled solution, forward-looking employers can design benefits based on their unique needs, choose best-of-breed medical, dental, vision and pharmacy networks, create better measurements and align payments. This de-layered fiscally disciplined approach reduces costs, improves health outcomes and gives employers a better line of sight into overall plan performance.

employer sponsored health insurance platform

Robust health benefits solution

Reduce costs, improve outcomes and create better experience

Our health benefits solution includes an adaptive technology platform, smart plan administration services and access to best-of-breed medical, dental, vision & pharmacy networks. The platform provides robust tools for designing plan benefits, coverage, networks and member experience. The system streamlines several administrative functions including enrollment, eligibility, care pathways, claims adjudication and compliance. Its intuitive interface provides great user experience to engage all stakeholders for collective health ownership. With dashboards, real-time analytics and insights, you now have complete visibility to gain full control over your health plans.
Employer Sponsored Insurance Platform

Plan Design

Intuitive design tools for medical, dental, vision and other health benefits

Best-of-breed Networks

Access to top health networks with flexibility of FFS, bundled or value-based contracting

Adaptive Platform

An integrated platform for managing the complete lifecycle of health benefits

Health Plan Administration

Technology leveraged health plan administration services

Utilization Management

Proactive support to your members for best-care & lowest cost settings for their clinical needs and goals

Claims Processing

Claim collection, processing, auditing, review and payment reconciliation

Morningplum Technology

Technology Platform

Take full control of your health benefits

Morningplum technology is built from the ground up to empower employers with complete visibility into the life cycle of their health benefits

DesignDesign plan benefits, networks and member experience

AutomateStreamline administrative functions

EngageIntuitive user experience to engage stakeholders

AnalyzeBusiness & clinical intelligence


Robust tools for designing plan benefits, networks and member experience
Plan Benefits

Plan Benefits

Design plan benefits based on your unique needs and help your employees and their families get the best care at the best time for the best price.

Care Experience

Care Experience

Create the best possible experience for your employees and families for routine, chronic, urgent and specialized care.

Create Measures

Create Measures

Create quality measures on expected outcomes, response time, member experience relevant to your employees' needs & clinical conditions.

Align Payments

Align Payments

Unlike traditional fee for service models, you can now design reimbursement models by aligning provider payments to performance.


Streamline administrative functions

Simplify & streamline

Leverage configurable workflows to automate plan administration processes

Bring form, discipline and structure to plan administration processes using easy-to-use, rapid and automated workflows for enrollment, eligibility, care pathways, claims adjudication & ACA compliance.

Member and Provider Engagement


Engage Employees, providers and administrators for collective health ownership

Member Engagement

Intuitive user experience for employees to view their plan choices, make smarter decisions and receive care anytime, anywhere.

Employee Communications

The system leverages intelligence tools to proactively identify members who need recommended care and initiate customizable notifications regarding visits, tests, procedures or other follow-up care.

Provider Engagement

Proactive steering of patients to most appropriate lower-cost settings for their clinical need, without compromising quality. Alerts on admissions, discharges and transitions to inpatient stays, keeping providers up-to-date on the real-time status of their patients.

Population Health Analysis


Real-time analytics & insights into trends, utilization & plan performance

Our real-time analytics and dashboards provide rich insights into your plans and highlight issues, concerns that need your immediate attention.


Reporting & Analytics

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics enables users to get at the information that they need to make informed data-driven decisions.

Insights and Alerts

The system routinely checks data against key quality measures, identify gaps in care and generate appropriate alerts for members, caregivers and administrators.

Real-time Dashboards

The system puts the right information in front of the right people, at the right time. Real-time dashboards provide users with an at-a-glance view of their pending tasks to take immediate action.


Value based quality metrics

The system monitors performance of providers against established goals and report on quality metrics such as member experience, health outcomes, response time or your custom criteria.

Morningplum Services

Smart Plan Administration

Technology leveraged health plan administration that automates routine tasks, removes waste and provides great experience to your employees

Operational Support

Morningplum act as an extension to your team and provides the staff, services and tools to manage multiple operational aspects of health benefit administration. This includes running outreach campaigns to fit your population’s most pressing needs, performing health assessments to identify risks, performing biometric screenings to establish baseline data as well as 24-hour nurseline to explain medication instructions, answer questions about discharge plans, or discuss other concerns.

Claim Adjudication

This includes administration of claims and benefits for a full range of employer plans, from medical, dental and vision plans to health reimbursement accounts. We utilize onshore, near-shore, and offshore processing centers to offer round-the-clock, end-to-end service delivery. Dedicated Claim Examiners are assigned to each client. Claim examiners meet with the client service team during the installation process so they understand the background of each client and their healthcare objectives.

Care Coordination

All members get a personal care coordinator to guide them through the complexity of health system. These coordinators help them find appropriate services, book appointments, collect medical history across providers and monitor their progress. Healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers have plenty of information to coordinate. That’s why our care coordinators takes the wheel, helping to ensure that everyone’s on the same page, records are up-to-date, and the members are sticking to their care plans.


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